Other Species

How to collect ECG from Rabbit?

  • Please refer to video for restraining rabbit Video
  • Please note that because the rabbit does not currently have standard ECG parameters to reflect structural-related problems, the relevant analysis is only for reference and research.Please email us at support@aniware.ltd or contact our sales representative for any questions.

How to collect ECG for exotic species?

We are happy to work with you to try ECG examination for exotic pets! If you need assistance in collection, Please email us at support@aniware.ltd or contact our sales representative.

Please note that for animals without standards for ECG interpretation, limited analysis with only ventricular information will be issued for some reports. In addition, special pet data needs special processing, so there may be a delay for sending the report.

During data collection

Device cannot be discovered?

Please follow the steps to pair the device:Pairing device

App crashes constantly

There may be a problem with the APP, please uninstall the APP and reinstall it, then repeat the data collection process.

App does not respond or no signal is displayed on the screen?

First, please confirm whether the CardioBird device has power. When it is charged, the LED light should be flashing. Second, confirm whether the device has been paired with the App. Confirm the distance between the CardioBird device and the mobile phone/tablet is within 2 meters.

Severe interference or noise

Please refer to the poor signal and improvement part in the self onboarding guide

"Session timeout/ Failed to log in" message appears during use?

For security reasons, the system will automatically log out the app every day, so it is recommended that you log out of the app after using it every day and log in again when you use it next time to protect your account.
In addition, if you log in on another mobile phone at the same time, this message will also be displayed. Logging out from one of the phones can solve the situation.

Was my upload successful?

We will check every uploaded data. After the collection is completed, we will send a notification in the App to confirm the quality of the signal. If you don’t see our message within a few minutes, please inform the customer service as soon as possible, we will check for you.

Ask us right away.

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