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Where can I download the CardioBird Vet App?

Please search and download “CardioBird Vet” in the App Store or Google Play. (Note: CardioBird does not support computer use. )

Which Android phone or tablet is supported?

The currently supported version is Android 7 or above in mobile phones/tablets. In addition, due to limitation in the bluetooth restriction in Huawei mobile phones, CardioBird might not function normally. There is no solution for the time being. Please use other mobile phones for CardioBird service. We are trying our best to find solutions.

Forget account information?

Please email us ( or contact your account representative if you forget your account information, we will look it up for you.

Forget password?

If you forget your password/wrong password, please reset the password according to the following steps: i) After entering the App, click “Forgot Password” on the login account page ii) We will send an email to reset the password to your registered mailbox

Device & Cable

Device or Cable not working?

Please enter the “practice mode” first, and confirm the waveform with a finger test. Video / Picture

*It is recommended to take the video and signal during the test, so that we can quickly understand the problem when needed.

If the signal tested by the finger is OK, it means the device is OK;
If you cannot see a clear QRS waveform, please try to place the device as close as possible to the mobile phone/tablet, and away from metals, power supplies, electrical appliances, air conditioners and other objects, and then retest. If you continue to be unable to see a clear QRS waveform, there may be a problem with the device.

If you have confirmed that there is no problem with the device, but you cannot get clear waveforms when you clamp the animal, please clamp yourself with the electric cable and test it; if there is a problem with the signal, it may be a problem with the electric cable!

Please email us at or contact our sales representative, we will arrange replacement for you as soon as possible.


How long does a fully charged device battery last?

The CardioBird device can be fully charged in 30 minutes. Our internal test result showed that a fully charged device can be used continuously for eight hours; If you leave the device idle, the battery will run out itself within two days.

If you need to use it when the battery is low, please charge for 15 minutes to fulfil the temporary needs. However, we recommend that you charge it all the time so that you don’t have to worry about battery level.

How to confirm the battery level?

Currently, the device battery level is not displayed. However, if the battery is low, there will be a reminder message in App.

It seems unable to charge?

Please change to another micro USB charging cable to see if the device can be charged normally. If it still fails to charge, exchange of device might be needed. Please email us at or contact our sales representative, we will arrange replacement for you as soon as possible

Other tools

Should I use Conductive gel?

Please note that only the pet should be wetted, not the device. Please avoid leaving liquid other than alcohol onto the device. Water and conductive gel are difficult to clean, which may cause the electrodes of the device or clip to corrode and affect conduction.

Should I use Electrode pad?

If you use electrode pads with gel, you don’t need to wet the pet’s skin.

Ask us right away.

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