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Report notification has been sent, but the email has not received the report

There might be a delay in email delivery. Please check if it is in the spam email. If you have not received it, please check the report from the App first. If you cannot view the report, please email us at or contact our sales representative, we will confirm the report status for you as soon as we can.

No report after 30 minutes

There might be a delay in email delivery, please check for any report status up in the App first; if you have not received any update of the report, please email us at or contact our sales representative, we will confirm the report status for you as soon as we can.

Is credit counted for retesting?

No, we understand that sometimes re-testing is recommended in the report because of poor signal quality or abnormal results. Don’t worry, no credit will be deducted for re-testing within the same day.

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Can I ask for further clinical advice?

We are happy to help! Please contact customer support ( or contact our sales rep and tell us about your question! (It may take a while for the back office to follow up in detail, but we’ll try to get back to you within the day.)

What is sinus arrhythmia?

Sinus arrhythmia is typically caused by respiratory effects (e.g., stress during a clinical examination). It is common in dogs, and is essentially fine if there are no clinical signs.
(The condition for every patient varies, please correlate clinically)

Echo results do not match with Cardiobird result

There are several possibilities to consider when this occurs.

  1. Structural changes in the heart have not yet affected conduction. When the cardiac structure is abnormal to the extent that the heart must be “remodeled” to maintain basic function, it may be reflected in cardiac rhythm and conduction, and it is necessary to monitor the electrocardiogram to make sure that conduction and rhythm are normal.
  2. If the animal is currently under treatment for heart disease, the treatment outcome may also be reflected in the control of heart rate and rhythm.
  3. The associated abnormalities are not continuous and are not caught by the test. In case of doubt, a diagnostic or 24-hour ECG may be needed for observation.

For structural changes, it is recommended to use echocardiography as the gold standard for diagnosis. ECG can be used to evaluate the rhythm and conduction changes in the course of the disease. Such that the condition of the patient’s heart can be monitored comprehensively.

(The condition for every patient varies, please correlate clinically)

The waveform is incomplete or part of the waveform is missing?

This kind of waveform variation is occasionally caused by packet loss during Bluetooth transmission, which may be due to the influence of environmental equipment and has nothing to do with pathology, nor does it affect analysis and interpretation. Generally speaking, if all other signals are clear, there is no need to worry too much. If the data cannot be interpreted, we would have informed you when we process the data.

Can CardioBird diagnose diseases?

Even for conventional clinical tests, multiple test reports are necessary to consolidate the diagnosis. CardioBird is positioned as the first line to help veterinarians make differential diagnoses effectively. Let CardioBird and our cardiologist vet team support this part of the cardiac examination for you in order to advance your clinical efficiency.

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