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The ECG Leads: Introduction and Applications

By ANIWARE Veterinarian Dr. Hsieh What is ECG Lead? An ECG bipolar lead consists of two surface electrodes of opposite polarity, one positive and one negative. The electrodes record the animal heart’s electrical activity and present the ECG wave pattern. There are several Lead Systems with different directions and connection methods. Traditionally, 12-Lead ECG  is […]

Minimising Risk by Pre-anesthesia Check | Sharing by Dr. Tsui Weizhi

Dr. Tsui Weizhi Chief Veterinarian of Joy and Smile Animal Hospital  “Anesthesia is indispensable for veterinary daily practice.” As a primary care veterinarian, Dr. Tsui Weizhi commented that veterinarians are different from the human doctors in terms of clinical practice, there is no clear system for veterinary speciality. Veterinarians need to deal with different types […]

Electrocardiogram (ECG) – An important but often overlooked test in Veterinary Medicine: Types and Applications

  Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a rapid, non-invasive and safe cardiac assessment to detect and record changes in electrical activities of the heart. ECG is the gold standard for detecting heart rate, rhythm, conduction and possible arrhythmia. It also provides information on chamber enlargement. It is a fundament test in veterinary medicine that worth more attention.  […]

What is pre-anesthesia check? New release: The 2020 AAHA Anesthesia and Monitoring Guideline has the answer!

Pre-anesthesia check on pet patients prior to surgery is widely recognized as a must-do. Anesthetics used in operation suppress the body’s normal automatic functions and even affect the cardiovascular-respiratory function of the pet patient. Thus, anesthesia procedure is associated with a certain risk. Through pre-anesthesia check, we could understand the pet’s physical condition and underlying […]

[Online Course] Clinical application of CardioBird Cardiac Assessment

Presenter Information: I-Ju Ho, DVM, MS Doctor of Dr. Dolittle Animal hospital I-Ju Ho received her veterinary degree from National Chia-Yi University, Taiwan in 2013. She then entered an internship and completed a small animal internal medicine residency at National Chung-Hsing University from 2013 to 2017. She received her master’s degree from National Chung-Hsing University. […]

Rapid Cardiac Assessment at Primary Care – Sharing by Internal medicine veterinarian Dr. I-Ju Ho

Cardiac assessment is one of the examinations an Internal medicine veterinarian needs to do every day. In the past, the cardiac assessment and treatment of pets have often been seen as difficult work and something that can only be done by cardiologists. With the trend of increasing improvements in medical standards and the quality of healthcare, […]